In 1905, Albert Einstein determined that the laws of physics are essentially the same for all beings on earth. Based on Mr. Einstein's thoughts, Paula Schwarz now introduces a  natural legal framework called the Cloud Law to protect and to foster the relativity of each being under gravity.
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The Cloud Law determines that every being on earth owns its own relativity based on its own needs - despite of any production-, or transaction-cost that is linked to global financial market. 
The productivity of happy people rises with their happiness. This is why the Cloud Nation bases its productivity on a principle and on a philosophy that is not depicted on global markets in order to secure the ongoing rise of the Cloud Nation.
The Cloud Law of the Cloud Nation was built to improve the collaboration between all people based on the rules of relativity. The Cloud Law forms a new layer of law to protect and to foster the relativity of each life on earth based on the rules of relativity defined by Albert Einstein.