About us.

We are building the beginning of the future.
Each participating city is supported by strategic partners.
Each local city government must pursue self-checks in order to track its performance, as well as the satisfaction rates of its staff and its citizens. This initiative is financed by the World Datanomic Forum. All entities that are legally based in Special Datanomic Zones must report satisfaction rates of company staff, key partners and clients and/or custormers to the Admins of the Cloud Nation.

Crystalized Intelligence = Recognising what matters.

The Global Nation

We do not discriminate people based on age, gender, financial means, education or social status.

We support each other so that we can live in a functional global community in which we feel safe and welcome.

No person is equal to another before the law of Cloud Nation because we are all individuals with differences, but also with similarities and unique characters.

We know and always remember that each and everyone of us is needed to create a functioning whole.

Find Us In Your Country

We respect that certain services are provided by territory-centered states. We only interfere as a community if a service such as education, mobility, energy supply or healthcare in a territory-centered state has failed.

In providing additional services, we always remain open for discussions and honest partnerships with the authorities of a country.

Cloud Nation functions on the principles of the sharing economy. This means that partnerships and synergy-centered actions are highly appreciated,