A nation is invited to receive the Cybernation Status of the Cloud Nation only after a due dilligence of its services and its setup is recognised as worthy for it to join by the elders.


Once this is achieved, superheroes are selected to represent the Cybernation in the cybernation  Forums of the Cloud Nation. a cybernation gets access to a database of g2c services that the cybernation can use to serve its people as well as possible.


Cybernation forums are focused on the implementation, management or termination of g2c services in Cybernations.

Datanomic forums are focused on the research, creation, building, implementation, management and termination of g2c service structures without taking into account a specific geographical focus.

Datanomic forums are focused on the continuous improvement of g2c services so that the community in the cloud nation can continue to provide the best quality services to the people.

Datanomic forums are espescially relevant because humanity seeks to reach higher than the end of the sky into the universe. it is very important to build a solid and responsible foundation for all activities in space to come. there is a risk that the first players who access the universe with elegance abuse this achievement to enslave all people on planet earth.