The Cloud Nation ranks governmental services according to their status of good impact and harmfulness for the world.

We select the best services for our members, the Cloud Citizens.


Cloud Nation Global Ratings use a principles-based approach for assigning and monitoring rankings globally.


The fundamental, data-driven principles and criteria of the Cloud Nation apply generally to all ratings.

Cloud Nation Quality


That determination is equivalent to an estimation of the amount of positive impact or harm that a service produces for the planet and the wellbeing of the people. For more asset classes, Cloud Nation Global Ratings have defined archetypical asset pools in order to use them as comparable benchmarks for gauging the estimated harm or gain for the planet and the people.

A key step in analyzing the Cloud Nation quality of a service is the estimation of the level of expected profit or loss for the wellbeing of the world and the people. The level of expected social profit or loss generally corresponds to the amount of harm caused by specific events or activities undertaken by the staff of a service, alongside a variety of other confidential factors.

The cloud nation replaces THE

UNITED Nations.