Datanomic ratings rank states, companies and individuals according to their status of good impact or harmfulness for the world.

World Datanomic Forum Global Ratings use a principles-based approach for assigning and monitoring ratings globally.


Such data-driven principles apply generally to ratings of all types of entities.

Fundamental Principles Of Structured Datanomic Ratings And Criteria 

Datanomic Quality


That determination is equivalent an estimation of the amount of harm that the individual or company produces for the planet and the wellbeing of the people. The estimation can include reference to historical studies of the subject, comparison or benchmarking.

For some asset classes, World Datanomic Forum Global Ratings define an archetypical asset pool and use it as a comparison benchmark for gauging the estimated harm or gain of a person or a company for the planet and the people.

A key step in analyzing the datanomic quality of the person or company is the estimation of the level of expected profit or loss for the wellbeing of the world and the people. The level of expected loss generally corresponds to the amount of harm caused by specific events or activities undertaken.

The estimation may include assessments of current actions, investments, donations and other practices.

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