About us.

The World Datanomic Management and Monitoring System of the Cloud Nation conducts studies of participating cities that implement Datanomics together with additional measures and policies in order to increase social innovation.
Each participating city is supported by doctorate candidates who are assigned by UNAI (United Nations Academic Impact). Each local city government must pursue self-checks in order to track its performance, as well as the satisfaction rates of its staff and citizens. This initiative is financed by city governments and strategic partners.
All companies that are legally based in Special Datanomic Zones must report satisfaction rates of company staff, key partners and clients and/or custormers in the World Datanomic Forum.
We are thankful to everyone who is actively involved.

Crystalized Intelligence = Recognising what matters.

More general information about the World Datanomic Forum:


You can have academic knowledge that is first rate, but if you don’t care about the impacts of those insights, then you’ve got to deal with the consequences.


For a long time, companies, nations and individuals around the world have been using science and systems-thinking to protect self-interests.


By disregarding what science says, just ignoring factual data, people can make profits by making decisions that are not in the service of society as a whole. Let's do our best to change this.