Cloud Citizens have access to G2C services and to Special Datanomic Zones in 193 countries. Special Datanomic Zones fall under the rules of the Cloud Law for Cloud Citizens.


The Datanomic Grid is a collective legal framework that Datanomic Zones follow in order to streamline support systems based on the rules of nature and to create a collective culture between all people living in Datanomic Zones based on the rules of special relativity defined by Albert Einstein and by the rules of dimensional existence defined by Burkhard Heim, Paula Schwarz and Edy Portman.


The currency that is used in Datanomic Zones is called Liquid and it comes in the form of individual 'Drops' to nurture the earth again and to promote innovation and the evolution of nature and humanity everywhere.

The value of Liquid is backed by the distributed lands of the Cloud Nation in 193 countries.

The Cloud Nation, the World Datanomic Forum, the S.I.A. and the International Criminal Court Of Justice also work with incredible partners to discover potential trends that could have a positive or a negative impact on the people and the health of the planet as a whole but not only.